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Do You Know TIM? Appreciation and Knowledge Lack



No, not the guy sitting next to you or the cousin that you see only during family gatherings, but Traffic Incident Management (TIM)? Every year there are numerous responders struck by passing vehicles leading to injuries and deaths. Why is this? Why are we still allowing this to happen? How do YOU manage traffic during a roadway incident?

Join Rob Raheb, Rommie Duckworth, Doug Gadomski, and Kyle David Bates as they discuss roadway incidents and traffic incident management with Eric Rensel from Gannett Fleming. Eric is the project manager for the Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Group as part of the Intelligent Transportation Systems Practice and works with the TIM Network.

Episode References:

National Unified Goal Document

Traffic Incident Responder Training 

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Fatality Reports: “A View From the Streets

EMS Voluntary Event Notification Tool

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The Responder article on Partnerships

First Few Moments #TIMChat



Who is TIMA? Episode 28


Roadway safety isn’t a new topic for emergency responders. People dying, being injured, or damage to vehicles is not new either. So how come we are kicking and screaming when it comes to making our roadway scene operations safe? Why do we only address roadway safety on large highways and during motor vehicle crashes? Why don’t we address roadway safety more often on residential streets or during medical operations when the big blocker truck is not there?

Join Tim Noonan, Brad Buck, Kyle David Bates, and Scott Kier as we discuss these topics.


  1. The listener will be able to argue the need for roadway safety.
  2. The listener will be able to identify when to employ roadway safety techniques.
  3. The listener will be able to discuss and employ engineering controls to make operations on the roadway safer.
  4. The listener will be able to define and discuss the importance of situational awareness while operating on the roadway.

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