Sunday March 29th 2015

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The 4 ‘Ws’ of Pain Management: a discussion – Episode 40


Why do we manage pain?

What do we use to manage pain?

When should pain be managed?

Who gets pharmaceutical pain management?

Join Brad Buck, who through an unfortunate Skyping accident we lost, Tim Noonan, Wilma Vinton, Roland Rolfsen, Kyle David Bates, and Dr. Laurie Roming (the good twin) as they have a lively discussion addressing the 4 ‘Ws’ of pain management.

Learning Objectives

The listener will be able to:

  1. Discuss why pain management is important.
  2. Identify different methods of managing pain.
  3. Argue for the management of pain based-upon the patient.
  4. Identify and discuss possible considerations in the delivery of pharmaceutical pain management.


Truth Hurts

Fentanyl in the out-of-hospital setting: variables associated with hypotension and hypoxemia.


Slide, Don’t Lift: Episode 30


Bending, lifting, twisting and essentially turning yourself into a pretzel in a car is how we often work at the scene of an MVC. However are we destined to “just deal with it” or are there some adjustments we can do to make moving and extricating patients safer for us?

Join Scott Kier, Kyle David Bates, and Jeremiah Bush as they discuss this topic with our Australian friend and renowned ergonomist Chris Fitzgerald.

Episode Curriculum
The listener will be able to:

  1. Define ergonomics;
  2. Appreciate the importance of proper body mechanics;
  3. Discuss how typical operations at the scene of a motor vehicle crash can increase your chances of injuries;
  4. Discuss engineering controls and how to alter their habits to work safer.


Lifting cushions

Curved transfer board

More lifting cushions

KFRS casualty extrication highlights


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