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Not IF but WHEN? Response to violence Episode 42


It seemed that the world came to a stop when 26 people, mostly children, were shot dead at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Ten days later the Nation was shocked again when 4 firefighters were shot, 2 killed, responding to a house fire set by a deranged gunman lying in wait.

Although mass shootings and the targeting of responders are not unheard of, the timing of those 2 events along with others within the past couple of years have really brought safety of the public and responders to the forefront of discussion.

Join Rick Russotti, Eric Dickinson, Eric Richenbach (EJR), Dan McGuire, and Kyle David Bates as they discuss violence against responders, response to known and unknown events, situational awareness, and the psychological impacts that events such as these have upon responders.

This Episode is dedicated to the victims of these 2 horrible tragedies:

West Webster Fire Department

Tomasz Kaczowka Tomasz Kaczowka

Michael J. “Chip” Chiapperini Michael J. “Chip” Chiapperini


Sandy Hook Elementary School

Learn the names of the victims, forget the name of the shooter.



At the completion of this podcast, the listener will be able to:

  1. Identify and discuss recent mass shootings and violence against responders;
  2. Discuss the role of the media;
  3. Discuss safety measures and techniques when responding to known and unknown events of violence;
  4. Discuss the psychological impact of events as such upon the industry.

Will Twitter Replace the Siren? Episode 31


In this episode we discuss one municipality’s attempt to decrease intersection collisions by using various technologies. We also discuss, again, driving as there has been continued news feeds of horrible crashes. Finally we end the episode talking engineering controls to improve ambulance safety.

Join Robert Raheb, Steve Murphy, William Random Ward, and Kyle David Bates as they discuss these various topics.

This episode’s curriculum

The listener will be able to:

  1. Discuss and debate whether if technology can help make EV operation  safer;
  2. Identify and discuss engineering controls that can make operating in an ambulance safer;


Helmet use by EMS

High-Tech response

NIOSH Ambulance Safety Bulletin

The Rumbler

Who is TIMA? Episode 28


Roadway safety isn’t a new topic for emergency responders. People dying, being injured, or damage to vehicles is not new either. So how come we are kicking and screaming when it comes to making our roadway scene operations safe? Why do we only address roadway safety on large highways and during motor vehicle crashes? Why don’t we address roadway safety more often on residential streets or during medical operations when the big blocker truck is not there?

Join Tim Noonan, Brad Buck, Kyle David Bates, and Scott Kier as we discuss these topics.


  1. The listener will be able to argue the need for roadway safety.
  2. The listener will be able to identify when to employ roadway safety techniques.
  3. The listener will be able to discuss and employ engineering controls to make operations on the roadway safer.
  4. The listener will be able to define and discuss the importance of situational awareness while operating on the roadway.

Some things to think about… Episode 18


This week as we discuss how an Oregon hospital refused to care for a patient in cardiac arrest in their very own parking lot and how the first responders dealt with it.

We also discuss a recent fatal ambulance crash in Brighton, NY and why we continue to crash our units. We expound on this topic through discussing crash prevention, driver training, and other methods we can do to help reduce these libelous actions.

Join Russell Stine, Scott Kier, Kyle David Bates, Justin Schorr, and Robert Raheb from FAAC as we discuss these issues.

Justin Schorr is driving distracted!

What if it Were One of Our Own? Episode 5


This week we discuss responding to an MVC that involves one of our own.

There have been numerous crashes of ambulances and fire apparatus that have lead to injuries as well as fatalities.When it comes down to it, is our response different? Should it be different? What about triage? How do we and how should we deal with the aftermath?

Join Scott Kier, Wilma Vinton, Natalie Quebodeaux, Jeremiah Bush, Charlotte Crawford, Chris Montera, Dan McGuire of CISM Perspectives, and Kyle David Bates as we dissect and discuss this topic.

Firefighters Killed in Virginia
Collision keeps ambulance from emergency call
Vehicle collides with ambulance
Georgia paramedic dies after ambulance crash
Rainy Ambulance Crash
2 killed in Iowa ambulance crash
Fatal Boston fire truck crash

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