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A Change of the Dogma: If it helps only one? Episode 36


**This podcast is not meant to change YOUR current practice, only your medical director can do that! …but nothing says you can’t try to convince them ;) – KDB**

Whoa! Look at that mechanism of Injury! Hope they C-spined her!

A common EMS practice that goes back to the days of Johnny and Roy is that of spinal immobilization…er…ah…spinal motion restriction I am now told. However this skill, which we have spent countless hours learning and practicing is starting to fall out of favor? Why is that? Well, simply put the research says that a) it may not be effective and b) it may actually be harmful. Get that? Harmful!

Join Dr. Laurie Romig, Tim Noonan, Russell Stine, Bob Lutz, Kyle David Bates, and Kelly Grayson as they reference an article written by Kelly regarding spinal immob…oops, spinal motion┬árestriction.

Learning Objectives for this episode:

The Listener will be able to:

  • Discuss the reasonings behind the changes to spinal immobilization



“Ya got what ya got!” Rural Disaster Management Ep 23


Once again we are at the 17th Annual Interior Region EMS Council Symposium in Fairbanks, Alaska where we talk with Yvonne Howard from Eagle EMS about 2 major disasters in her area.

Imagine being one of a few responders caring for numerous injured passengers of a tour bus that had crashed. Now imagine being with them alone for hours with only 1 ambulance and its supplies. This is first topic we discuss.

The second disaster Yvonne tells a heart wrenching tale of how Eagle was essentially wiped out by a solid tsunami of ice in May of 2009 and how they have yet to recover.

Join Wilma Vinton, Steve Murphy, and Kyle David Bates as they talk with Yvonne about how small rural communities deal with such disasters.

Our podcast also opens with the winner of the 1st Vendor Sponsorship Drawing, Clint Bodily of Laerdal.


What do you mean ‘Load & Go’? Go Where? Episode 22


Join us again in Alaska as Steve Murphy and Kyle David Bates talk with Rusty Lasell from Tri-Valley Fire Department in Healy, AK about wildland fires, earthquakes, and response to other such disasters in a rural area. We also discuss tourist season, 6-8 hour ambulance runs and how that impacts volunteerism.

Rural Alaska Healthcare Episode 21


If you think that driving an hour with a patient means that you are working within a rural community you have yet to visit Alaska. This week we are at the 17th Annual Interior Region EMS Council Symposium in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Join Steve Murphy, David Akin, Wilma Vinton, and Kyle David Bates as we discuss response in this rural area, the health aide system, and the development of a system.


To Cut or Not to Cut? Episode 17


It sometimes seems that we become preoccupied with our tools when trying to get someone out of a vehicle. “Cut here…no here…get the spreader…let’s try…” are all phrases that are often heard while “extricating” a patient.

But what determines the extent of extrication that is required and what techniques should be used? I think that depends upon is the person entrapped or simply just confined? Either way, should we consider an alternative route of removal? Should we consider having the patient just simply step out of the car?

Join JD Graziano of the EMS Standing Orders podcast, Wilma Vinton, Russell Stine, Andrew Rossow, Kyle David Bates, and Rick Russotti as they delve into this topic and stress that communication is the key.

This episode is dedicated to my paramedic preceptor, Mark Falkenhan, who was killed in the LOD fighting a fire on January 19, 2011. Our hearts and prayers go out to Mark’s family and all of my friends and colleagues in Baltimore County Fire.

Our sponsor for this episode is:

The Mitigation Journal podcast: Unique Perspectives on Civil Preparedness and Emergency Response for your Ears

Let’s Get A Head! Episode 14


Head injuries are common injuries that we encounter at the scene of an MVC. Rapid assessment and proper management may make a difference in the injured’s prognosis.

Join Scott Kier, Mat Fults, Steve Murphy, Kyle David Bates, and Dr. Jeff Myers as they put their heads together to discuss this topic.

Brain Trauma Foundation

Mini-Mental State Exam (Wiki)

Folstein Mini-Mental State Exam

Mechanism of Injury or Idiocy? Episode 9


There seems to be a trend to transport patients to the trauma center, possibly by air, based solely upon the mechanism of injury. The question that we address is do we put too much into the MOI? Should we be looking more at the patient? What about the ‘Golden Hour’ dogma?

Join Dr. Jeff Myers, Rick Russotti, Scott Kier, Tim Noonan, and Kyle David Bates as they discuss the subject of mechanism of injury.

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