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A Zombie Apocalypse! Episode 34


No Really! Would you be able to handle 240 zombies at a football stadium? Well Delaware County, Ohio found out this past October when they held a disaster drill in which people were turned into, well, um…zombies! But it is not completely their fault…the CDC started it all.

We also discuss a more traditional disaster drill but on a geographically larger scale as well as a one that deals with public preparedness. Which is better? Which is more effective? Which is more fun?

Join Assistant Chief Mike Schuiling from Delaware County EMS, Brain Galligher of Delaware County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, Steve Murphy, Jeremiah Bush, and Kyle David Bates as we talk about disaster preparedness evaluation.

Check Your Pee! Episode 29


Oftentimes we talk about provider rehabilitation only during times of extended operations such as with structure fires. However with the arrival of summer, working on the hot blacktop at the scene of an MVC or during a cardiac arrest in a hot environment can quickly lead to heat-related illness and/or injury.

Join Mike Mcevoy, Russell Stine, Jeremiah Bush, Dr. Jeff Myers,  Steve Murphy, and Kyle David Bates as they discuss essentially how not to end up on the business end of an IV catheter while working at any scene during warm weather.

JEMS article: More Than Just a Standard: NFPA 1584 defines the rehab process

EMS 1: Mike McEvoy: EMS vitals during firefighter rehab

This week’s objectives the listener will be able to:

  1. Define REHABilitation and PREHABilitation;
  2. Defend the importance of Rehab and Prehab;
  3. Perform a self-hydration assessment and care;
  4. Identify situations when rehabilitation may be necessary.

“Ya got what ya got!” Rural Disaster Management Ep 23


Once again we are at the 17th Annual Interior Region EMS Council Symposium in Fairbanks, Alaska where we talk with Yvonne Howard from Eagle EMS about 2 major disasters in her area.

Imagine being one of a few responders caring for numerous injured passengers of a tour bus that had crashed. Now imagine being with them alone for hours with only 1 ambulance and its supplies. This is first topic we discuss.

The second disaster Yvonne tells a heart wrenching tale of how Eagle was essentially wiped out by a solid tsunami of ice in May of 2009 and how they have yet to recover.

Join Wilma Vinton, Steve Murphy, and Kyle David Bates as they talk with Yvonne about how small rural communities deal with such disasters.

Our podcast also opens with the winner of the 1st Vendor Sponsorship Drawing, Clint Bodily of Laerdal.


What do you mean ‘Load & Go’? Go Where? Episode 22


Join us again in Alaska as Steve Murphy and Kyle David Bates talk with Rusty Lasell from Tri-Valley Fire Department in Healy, AK about wildland fires, earthquakes, and response to other such disasters in a rural area. We also discuss tourist season, 6-8 hour ambulance runs and how that impacts volunteerism.

Keep Your Toque On! Episode 13


…and give one to your patient while you’re at it!

With the colder weather moving in we address the environmental factors that we, and our patients, will face at the scene of an MVC. In this episode we discuss how the cold effects responders and patients as well as how to help delay the onset of hypothermia. Our panel gives suggestions such as using hats for triage and parachutes to create a warmer environment.

Join Steve Murphy, Jeremiah Bush, Wilma Vinton (our REALLY cold weather expert), Kyle David Bates, and making his debut on the FFM podcast Matt Fults as we discuss and give insight into cold-weather response.

An email that Wilma received regarding the heaters that they use:

We have 2 different Fresh air heaters.  We have a 500,000BTU Frost Fighter Heater on Squad 62.  It uses a 4000 watt Generator to run the blower and controls.  It burns diesel fuel which is contained in an auxiliary tank.  The second heater is mounted on E-66.  It is a Herman Nelson 500,000BTU heater and is directly plumbed to the truck’s fuel tank.  It uses electricity supplied by the trucks onboard diesel generator.  We have both 12″ and 6″ inch flexible heater hose and one manifold to attach additional lines.

New Frost Fighter heater’s cost around $5300.00.  A compliment of hoses will run between 500 and 700 dollars depending on sizes.

Let me know if there is anything else you need to know.

Captain Andrew Rossow

Steese Fire Department
Fairbanks, Alaska

Some resources that we spoke of:

We’ve lost Tim! Kyle’s down! Episode 2


This week we talk about self-care. After a scary situation that Kyle put himself into, he realized this week’s topic.

Join Rick Russotti, Tim Loucks,Steve Murphy, and Wilma Vinton from Fairbanks, Alaska as we discuss caring for ourselves and a term that Rick brought up: Prehab.

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