Tuesday March 31st 2015

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RettMobil Day 2: Ambulance Design Ep 25


First Few Moments was honored to be the guest participant in the EMS Safety Foundation’s 2011 Rettmobil Delegation to Fulda Germany lead by Dr. Nadine Levick, who established the Foundation.

This is the first episode that we actually broadcasted from the show floor of RettMobil where Kyle David Bates gives a brief overview of the show and tries to talk with some responders that, well, do not speak English. Then join him with Jonas Liden, an industrial designer from Sweeden, Gary DeCosse of Crestline, USA, and Ronald Rolfsen from Oslo University Hospital in Norway as they compare and contrast European ambulance design against those of North America. Dr. Nadine Levick then steps in at the end to thank Gary DeCosse and Crestline Coach, LTD for being a Corporate Partner.

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