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Not IF but WHEN? Response to violence Episode 42


It seemed that the world came to a stop when 26 people, mostly children, were shot dead at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Ten days later the Nation was shocked again when 4 firefighters were shot, 2 killed, responding to a house fire set by a deranged gunman lying in wait.

Although mass shootings and the targeting of responders are not unheard of, the timing of those 2 events along with others within the past couple of years have really brought safety of the public and responders to the forefront of discussion.

Join Rick Russotti, Eric Dickinson, Eric Richenbach (EJR), Dan McGuire, and Kyle David Bates as they discuss violence against responders, response to known and unknown events, situational awareness, and the psychological impacts that events such as these have upon responders.

This Episode is dedicated to the victims of these 2 horrible tragedies:

West Webster Fire Department

Tomasz Kaczowka Tomasz Kaczowka

Michael J. “Chip” Chiapperini Michael J. “Chip” Chiapperini


Sandy Hook Elementary School

Learn the names of the victims, forget the name of the shooter.



At the completion of this podcast, the listener will be able to:

  1. Identify and discuss recent mass shootings and violence against responders;
  2. Discuss the role of the media;
  3. Discuss safety measures and techniques when responding to known and unknown events of violence;
  4. Discuss the psychological impact of events as such upon the industry.

SAY WHAT?! Communications. Episode 41


Live! From Dufferin County EM Conference in Orangeville, Ontario, Cananda we address communications, technology, and how Steve is old. 

Join Kyle David Bates, Steve Murphy, Alex Buchanan, and Doug Allport as they discuss some new technologies in the area of communications. 

EMS Safety Foundation @ RettMobil 2012, Episode 39


This month we make a return trip to Fulda, Germany with Dr. Nadine Levick and the EMS Safety Foundation. Join Kyle David Bates, Chris Fitzgerald, Dr. Levick, Jim Foster, and Neil Blackington as they discuss industry safety from a world view but with RettMobil as the foundation. 

Click below to learn more about each!



When We DON’T Go: Live from EMS World Expo 2011, Epiode 32


The First Few Moments podcast did record a show at EMS World Expo 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada despite the fact that FFM host Kyle David Bates was home helping his wife with their new baby. Guest Host Scott Kier, aka MedicSBK on twitter and elsewhere, steps in and takes over for the day. He is joined by Natalie Quebodeaux (host of the GenMed Show).

The discussion kicks off with a chat with Sarah Wilson from episode sponsors Sarah is the Grants Manager at and talks with Scott and Natalie about what services they provide and the availability of grants for EMS services and organizations. Later, Sam Bradley, federal disaster preparedness educator joins the show to talk about disaster preparedness and training for EMS services, agencies and individual EMTs and paramedics.

All of the ProMed Network podcast episodes on Day 2 at EMS World Expo 2011 were produced from the Medtronic Foundation Heart Rescue Project sponsored podcast studio. You can find more recorded coverage from the event here at the site and at

Will Twitter Replace the Siren? Episode 31


In this episode we discuss one municipality’s attempt to decrease intersection collisions by using various technologies. We also discuss, again, driving as there has been continued news feeds of horrible crashes. Finally we end the episode talking engineering controls to improve ambulance safety.

Join Robert Raheb, Steve Murphy, William Random Ward, and Kyle David Bates as they discuss these various topics.

This episode’s curriculum

The listener will be able to:

  1. Discuss and debate whether if technology can help make EV operation  safer;
  2. Identify and discuss engineering controls that can make operating in an ambulance safer;


Helmet use by EMS

High-Tech response

NIOSH Ambulance Safety Bulletin

The Rumbler

Who is TIMA? Episode 28


Roadway safety isn’t a new topic for emergency responders. People dying, being injured, or damage to vehicles is not new either. So how come we are kicking and screaming when it comes to making our roadway scene operations safe? Why do we only address roadway safety on large highways and during motor vehicle crashes? Why don’t we address roadway safety more often on residential streets or during medical operations when the big blocker truck is not there?

Join Tim Noonan, Brad Buck, Kyle David Bates, and Scott Kier as we discuss these topics.


  1. The listener will be able to argue the need for roadway safety.
  2. The listener will be able to identify when to employ roadway safety techniques.
  3. The listener will be able to discuss and employ engineering controls to make operations on the roadway safer.
  4. The listener will be able to define and discuss the importance of situational awareness while operating on the roadway.

RettMobil Day 3: Ergonomics, Episode 26


This week we return to RettMobil in Fulda, Germany as the guest of Dr. Nadine Levick who is the founder of the EMS Safety Foundation, to discuss ergonomics.

We sit down with Chris Fitzgerald, the EMS Safety Foundation’s world-leading ergonomist, and well as Andrew and Daniel Ronchi of Pro-Active Medical to talk about the research and data gathering that they are doing to help make EMS safer. We also look at some best practices in terms of patient transfer that are quite common abroad but have yet to catch on in the States.

Also, click on the EMS Safety Foundation logo above and it will take you to their website where you can access the fascinating pre-recorded webinars, including one that shows the work Chris, Andrew, and Dan did while at the EMS Safety Foundation’s booth.

RettMobil Day 2: Ambulance Design Ep 25


First Few Moments was honored to be the guest participant in the EMS Safety Foundation’s 2011 Rettmobil Delegation to Fulda Germany lead by Dr. Nadine Levick, who established the Foundation.

This is the first episode that we actually broadcasted from the show floor of RettMobil where Kyle David Bates gives a brief overview of the show and tries to talk with some responders that, well, do not speak English. Then join him with Jonas Liden, an industrial designer from Sweeden, Gary DeCosse of Crestline, USA, and Ronald Rolfsen from Oslo University Hospital in Norway as they compare and contrast European ambulance design against those of North America. Dr. Nadine Levick then steps in at the end to thank Gary DeCosse and Crestline Coach, LTD for being a Corporate Partner.

RettMobil Day 1 Episode 24


Fulda, located towards the middle of Germany, is an old, small town where for the 11th year responders involved in mobile medical care converge. This year there is an expected attendance of over 30,000 people from across Europe to look at the latest in mobile rescue, vehicles (air and ground), extrication equipment, and even a speed track.

This year we are honored to be asked to join the EMS Safety Foundation delegation led by Dr. Nadine Levick, a leader in EMS safety research and information transfer. Join Kyle David Bates as he sits down with Dr. Levick to talk about the Foundation as well as Rettmobil.

What do you mean ‘Load & Go’? Go Where? Episode 22


Join us again in Alaska as Steve Murphy and Kyle David Bates talk with Rusty Lasell from Tri-Valley Fire Department in Healy, AK about wildland fires, earthquakes, and response to other such disasters in a rural area. We also discuss tourist season, 6-8 hour ambulance runs and how that impacts volunteerism.

Rural Alaska Healthcare Episode 21


If you think that driving an hour with a patient means that you are working within a rural community you have yet to visit Alaska. This week we are at the 17th Annual Interior Region EMS Council Symposium in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Join Steve Murphy, David Akin, Wilma Vinton, and Kyle David Bates as we discuss response in this rural area, the health aide system, and the development of a system.


Why We Do What We Do: a view from the ROUGE Medic Episode 20


Ok, so this is a little late getting out but it is quite worth it!

This week’s episode was recorded LIVE at EMS Today 2011 in Baltimore, Maryland. Scott Keir, Dr. Jeff Myers, Tim Noonan, and Robert Rehab all stop by to discuss  why we do what we do or what we don’t do. We talk about justifying our treatment, contacting and utilizing medical consultation, and conclude with our ever so popular topic of driving safety and training.

…and yes, we did spell it R-O-U-G-E for a reason….love ya Tim!

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