Tuesday March 31st 2015

Check Your Pee! Episode 29


Oftentimes we talk about provider rehabilitation only during times of extended operations such as with structure fires. However with the arrival of summer, working on the hot blacktop at the scene of an MVC or during a cardiac arrest in a hot environment can quickly lead to heat-related illness and/or injury.

Join Mike Mcevoy, Russell Stine, Jeremiah Bush, Dr. Jeff Myers,  Steve Murphy, and Kyle David Bates as they discuss essentially how not to end up on the business end of an IV catheter while working at any scene during warm weather.

JEMS article: More Than Just a Standard: NFPA 1584 defines the rehab process

EMS 1: Mike McEvoy: EMS vitals during firefighter rehab

This week’s objectives the listener will be able to:

  1. Define REHABilitation and PREHABilitation;
  2. Defend the importance of Rehab and Prehab;
  3. Perform a self-hydration assessment and care;
  4. Identify situations when rehabilitation may be necessary.

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