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Live from Vegas! EMS World Expo 2013 Ep 44


Kyle David Bates from the First Few Moments podcast sat down with his guests in the ProMed Network podcast studio at EMS World Expo 2013 to talk about EMS provider and ambulance safety. Joining Kyle were Rommie Duckworth, EMS educator and consultant, and two guests from the EMS Safety Foundation, ergonomics expert Chris Fitzgerald and Dr. Nadine Levick. They brought a modular ambulance design to the exhibit hall to show how emergency medical services professionals could be better protected when providing care in the back of an ambulance.

Trauma Criteria: preventative medicine? Episode 37


Over-triage to trauma centers? Poor EMT skills? Paramedics in the way? Care inhibited by the QA/QI process? Anatomicological?! These are some of the topics discussed on this episode of the First Few Moments.

Join Kyle David Bates, Tim Noonan, and Steve Murphy as they talk with Patrick Lickiss about a recent blog post he wrote discussing if Pre-Hospital Trauma Triage are Effective.


At the completion of the podcast, the listener will be able to:

  1. Identify problems with current trauma triage criteria;
  2. Identify possible practices that may prevent proper care;
  3. Give solutions to proper triage and care.




A Zombie Apocalypse! Episode 34


No Really! Would you be able to handle 240 zombies at a football stadium? Well Delaware County, Ohio found out this past October when they held a disaster drill in which people were turned into, well, um…zombies! But it is not completely their fault…the CDC started it all.

We also discuss a more traditional disaster drill but on a geographically larger scale as well as a one that deals with public preparedness. Which is better? Which is more effective? Which is more fun?

Join Assistant Chief Mike Schuiling from Delaware County EMS, Brain Galligher of Delaware County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, Steve Murphy, Jeremiah Bush, and Kyle David Bates as we talk about disaster preparedness evaluation.

That Doesn’t Happen Here: Oslo Norway Episode 33


On July 22, 2011 life in Norway changed forever when a bomb rocked Oslo killing 8 and then  followed by a mass shooting on the island of Utøya in Tyrifjorden, Buskerud killing 69 attendees, children.

Join Steve Murphy, Tim Noonan, William Random ward, Chris Montera, and Kyle David Bates as they discuss this event with Ronald Rolfsen from Oslo University Hospital in Norway.

Learning Objectives

At the completion of the podcast the listener will be able to:

  1. Discuss response to a potential terrorist attack.
  2. Discuss safety concerns when responding to a potential terrorist attack.

“Ya got what ya got!” Rural Disaster Management Ep 23


Once again we are at the 17th Annual Interior Region EMS Council Symposium in Fairbanks, Alaska where we talk with Yvonne Howard from Eagle EMS about 2 major disasters in her area.

Imagine being one of a few responders caring for numerous injured passengers of a tour bus that had crashed. Now imagine being with them alone for hours with only 1 ambulance and its supplies. This is first topic we discuss.

The second disaster Yvonne tells a heart wrenching tale of how Eagle was essentially wiped out by a solid tsunami of ice in May of 2009 and how they have yet to recover.

Join Wilma Vinton, Steve Murphy, and Kyle David Bates as they talk with Yvonne about how small rural communities deal with such disasters.

Our podcast also opens with the winner of the 1st Vendor Sponsorship Drawing, Clint Bodily of Laerdal.


What do you mean ‘Load & Go’? Go Where? Episode 22


Join us again in Alaska as Steve Murphy and Kyle David Bates talk with Rusty Lasell from Tri-Valley Fire Department in Healy, AK about wildland fires, earthquakes, and response to other such disasters in a rural area. We also discuss tourist season, 6-8 hour ambulance runs and how that impacts volunteerism.

Rural Alaska Healthcare Episode 21


If you think that driving an hour with a patient means that you are working within a rural community you have yet to visit Alaska. This week we are at the 17th Annual Interior Region EMS Council Symposium in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Join Steve Murphy, David Akin, Wilma Vinton, and Kyle David Bates as we discuss response in this rural area, the health aide system, and the development of a system.


Keep Your Toque On! Episode 13


…and give one to your patient while you’re at it!

With the colder weather moving in we address the environmental factors that we, and our patients, will face at the scene of an MVC. In this episode we discuss how the cold effects responders and patients as well as how to help delay the onset of hypothermia. Our panel gives suggestions such as using hats for triage and parachutes to create a warmer environment.

Join Steve Murphy, Jeremiah Bush, Wilma Vinton (our REALLY cold weather expert), Kyle David Bates, and making his debut on the FFM podcast Matt Fults as we discuss and give insight into cold-weather response.

An email that Wilma received regarding the heaters that they use:

We have 2 different Fresh air heaters.  We have a 500,000BTU Frost Fighter Heater on Squad 62.  It uses a 4000 watt Generator to run the blower and controls.  It burns diesel fuel which is contained in an auxiliary tank.  The second heater is mounted on E-66.  It is a Herman Nelson 500,000BTU heater and is directly plumbed to the truck’s fuel tank.  It uses electricity supplied by the trucks onboard diesel generator.  We have both 12″ and 6″ inch flexible heater hose and one manifold to attach additional lines.

New Frost Fighter heater’s cost around $5300.00.  A compliment of hoses will run between 500 and 700 dollars depending on sizes.

Let me know if there is anything else you need to know.

Captain Andrew Rossow

Steese Fire Department
Fairbanks, Alaska

Some resources that we spoke of:

Let’s Sort Things Out! Episode 12


Ever look at your partner at the scene of a motor vehicle crash and say, “Well…who goes first? When you DID make a decision what did you use? Your gut instincts or any one of the multiple triage methods out there? Did you use START, Sacco, SALT, SMART, or maybe a mixutre of them all.

Join Rick Russotti, Chris Kaiser, Kyle David Bates as they get in-depth about triage with Dr. Lou Romig, the developer of the JumpSTART triage method.

Mass-Casualty Triage: Time for an Evidence- Based Approach

Abstract: Comparative analysis of multiple-casualty incident triage algorithms.

Mass Casualty Triage: An Evaluation of the Data and Development of a Proposed National Guideline

Mechanism of Injury or Idiocy? Episode 9


There seems to be a trend to transport patients to the trauma center, possibly by air, based solely upon the mechanism of injury. The question that we address is do we put too much into the MOI? Should we be looking more at the patient? What about the ‘Golden Hour’ dogma?

Join Dr. Jeff Myers, Rick Russotti, Scott Kier, Tim Noonan, and Kyle David Bates as they discuss the subject of mechanism of injury.

Expect the Unexpected! Episode 8


The response to an explosion can be difficult, but have it at an airport and across the street from your EOC can really make things interesting. We use this case to delve into scene management and hazardous materials.

Now the response to this is pretty obvious, but what about the call for the guy sleeping in his car? When you arrive he appears unconscious. Is it a heart attack, hypoglycemia, or stroke? Do you throw open the door and begin assessing? 99 times out of 100 you’ll do this and be OK, but what if his unconsciousness is really death? What if his method of killing himself was a chemical suicide? These are growing in prevalence and by quickly trying to get in there you may actually be putting yourself in danger.

We finally conclude our podcast by expecting the unexpected. Was the MVC a result of poor driving or was the patient overcome as the result of chemicals? If your first EMT drops, do you send in more?

Join Wilma Vinton, Brad Buck, Steve Murphy, Charlotte Crawford, Tim Loucks, David Rockney, Kyle David Bates, with Rick Russotti from the Mitigation Journal Co-Hosting!

Sad to report but a veteran Connecticut State Trooper,  Trooper First Class Kenneth Hall, was killed in I-91 accident on September 2, 2010.

On Tuesday, August 31, 2010 Air Evac 30 out of Arkansas crashed killing the 3 crew members on board. Pilot Ken Robertson, flight paramedic Gayla Gregory and flight nurse Kenneth Meyer Jr. were all killed.

RTCs in the UK! Episode 7


In this special edition of the First Few Moments podcast we discuss SAFETY, MANAGEMENT, TRIAGE, CARE at the scene of roadway traffic collisions (RTC) with one of our favorite paramedics from across the pond and Chronicles of EMS, Mark Glencorse.

Please join Scott Kier, Natalie Quebodeaux, Jeremiah Bush, Steve Murphy, and Kyle David Bates as we talk with Mark about differences and similarities when responding to and caring for those involved in roadway collisions (sounds so…cool doesn’t it?).

Also listen to how Natalie made all of us speechless….

Hey Kid! Episode 6


Hearing that your call involves an injured pediatric patient, yet alone multiple pediatric patients, is enough to get even the most experienced provide a little nervous. Why is this? Is it that they cannot tell us what is wrong or is it that w have little experience with kids. Maybe it is a little of each.

Join Tim Loucks, Wilma Vinton, Steve Murphy, Dan McGuire, Rick Russotti, Dr. Jeff Myers, and Kyle David Bates as they delve a little deeper into this subject.

What if it Were One of Our Own? Episode 5


This week we discuss responding to an MVC that involves one of our own.

There have been numerous crashes of ambulances and fire apparatus that have lead to injuries as well as fatalities.When it comes down to it, is our response different? Should it be different? What about triage? How do we and how should we deal with the aftermath?

Join Scott Kier, Wilma Vinton, Natalie Quebodeaux, Jeremiah Bush, Charlotte Crawford, Chris Montera, Dan McGuire of CISM Perspectives, and Kyle David Bates as we dissect and discuss this topic.

Firefighters Killed in Virginia
Collision keeps ambulance from emergency call
Vehicle collides with ambulance
Georgia paramedic dies after ambulance crash
Rainy Ambulance Crash
2 killed in Iowa ambulance crash
Fatal Boston fire truck crash

Where Oh Where Should My Patient Go? Episode 4


This week we discuss triage. Not just categorizing patients but where they should go and how they should get there.

Between February and July 2010 there have been 6 HEMS crashes killing 16 people. Should we reevaluate the use of helicopters?

Join Kyle David Bates, Greg Friese, Rick Russotti, Steve Murphy, Tim Loucks, and Chris Mitchell as we discuss the use of helicopters as well as the CDC guidelines for patient triage to trauma centers.

A new article: Air medical industry ‘resisting upgrades’

Also listen for Rick as he becomes possessed!

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